• Arrow keys to move (or WASD).
  • SPACE/UP/W to jump.
  • Jump twice for double jump.
  • Jump against wall for wall jumps.

Super Frisk is a free-to-play Undertale platformer fan-game. You can support the official game at https://undertale.com/

Get it on your iPhone/iPad on the iOS App Store (search for Super Frisk)! Free to play!

In this platform game, play as Frisk and defeat enemies such as Papyrus, Whimsun and Froggit.

For the Android version, download the APK below!

This is the BETA, so there are not many levels done. Because this game is new, we are looking for feedback and ideas to improve the game, as well as level designers. 

Edit: unfortunately I will no longer update this game. I no longer will work on fan-games. Thank you for playing!

Join my Discord @ alan.co.uk/discord

PlatformsAndroid, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
Tagsfrisk, papyrus, sans, Undertale, undertale-fan-game
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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is level 9 even possible

i can't get past 6 of the ruins, the frames go 6 or 7

even 4

i gonna kill myself damn it

is awesome... I've been trying to create the motion system of a pixel art game for android for some time, but I can't figure out how.

I am trying with event triggers but i cant take the best result :(

Hahaha after 3 hours Im on snowdin qwp

really cool

I'm enjoying this quite a bit, but it's pretty hard to do this pacifist-style.


I want to show you something that is not about this game but.. Here goes nothing.This is what i want to show you, hxppy thxughts.. and also thank you for reading this!

Nice :)

i can,t jump it,s 0/10 stars

(1 edit)

Hold space (or W) longer to jump higher :).

I think it was broken earlier, hope it is fixed now.

lol its up arrow

(1 edit)

i broke the game XD

*i cant jump QwQ

Should be fixed now I hope :)

really cool undertale fan game

Thanks anonymous sans.

whimsun with a gun.

thanks Maaya The Person

hey pretty cool undertale fangame!!!!!!!

thanks taterman123



love the game! Aoxer!






hello (:



Fucking level 6 makes me want to break my computer. am trying to do a 3 stars challange.

Haha yeah a lot of players tell me the same thing. Dw bro, practice makes perfect ;) It's my first platformer so I didn't design the levels that well but the challenging levels are bittersweet. Have taken this feedback for future games I may develop ;)


Same. Once I got passed it I fucking celebrated like I am in a huge fucking house party

(1 edit)

it takes a while but i might give you some Poke-dollars


sad I know ;w;

There there, *pats your back for comfort*. Here's a tissue.

i cried becuase I failed soo many time`s TwT

It's okay Hongjiang senpai.

"Don't give up!" - Naruto

can you fix da loading

Try updating your browser to the latest version of Chrome.



(1 edit)

Please try the game on the App Store (iOS). Currently the Google Play link is down and we've been trying to work with the Google Play team to bring it back up and are awaiting their response.

We will let you know when the Android app is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience!



Thanks bro.